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The SBMU Lung Transplantation Research Center (LTRC) research priorities are as follows:

  1. Conducting clinical researches in order to prepare national approaches and protocols in lung transplantation;
  2. Attending national and international educational workshops, seminars, conferences in lung transplantation, as well as presenting the results of the researches conducted;
  3. Capacitating the LTRC staff members in research management;
  4. Holding various educational workshops in health care of patients with advanced lung problems, and caring for patients who are brain-dead in order to donate organs, as well as caring for patients who have undergone lung transplantation;
  5. Establishing a data bank for patients on the waiting list for lung transplantation, as well as those who have undergone lung transplantation

In line with these, there have been numerous researches conducted or underway at the SBMU LTRC some of which include the following:

  1. Studying the impacts of lung size and volume of both the donor and the recipient on the transplantations performed at the SBMU Massih Daneshvari Educational Hospital in Tehran during the years 2000 t0 2012;
  2. Comparing the background factors in both the family and personality of patients committing suicide who are in need of an surgical or controlling interventions;
  3. Comparatively studying the effects of normal salin serum, newly frozen plasma, and Voluven solution in the stability of homodynamic and electrolytic in brain-dead patients at SBMU Massih Daneshvari Educational Hospital;
  4. Comparing the NAC expectoration and the herbal medicine Tavipec in patients with bronchiectasis presenting at Lung Clinic of SBMU Massih Daneshvari Educational Hospital;
  5. Studying the impacts of donors’ creatinine level on the results of kidneys collected from the brain-dead patients at the SBMU Organ Donation Collection Center during 2010 and 2011;
  6. Studying the impacts of sirolimus in changing the spirometer test results and the 6-minute walk test (MWT6) in LAM patients  


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